The Inconix were formed in the spring of 2018 when Mike and Kenn, two business owners, met at a networking meeting.  Quickly, the business conversation moved to forming a band.   Within a short time, the rest of the band's members filled in the picture...almost by magic.  We count ourselves lucky to have found a cohesive, like-minded, and motivated "band of brothers".  It's hard to find the right mix of people, even in music-centric places like Austin!   So-we're here to welcome you into the Iconix fold, and we hope to see you at a show soon.

About the Band

The Iconix is:

Mike Davila - Drums / Vocals

Kenn  "Diamond" Renner - Keys / Vocals

Alvin "Silky" Bolf - Vocals  / Rhythm Guitar

Jeff "Tank" Hermon - Acoustic Guitar

John "Dr. J" Anderson - Lead Guitar / Vocals

Robert Lopez - Lead Guitar

Wen Liu - Bass